Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Lost to seasonal change"

After finishing up my ambient release "Mystic valley parkway", I had many new ideas as to how I would approach my next ambient project. One of those things was experimenting with using my A.R.T. tube amp & mics such as my AKG, sure m57/58, as well as some cheap phantom powered mics. Using all this equipment I began to capture music improvs around the house, including things like playing an electric guitar into an elaborate fx chain, then into a small smokey amp placed far away up a set of wooden stairs with natural echo/reverb. Some takes were done while the end of the dishwasher cycle was running, creating a soft, almost windy kind of atmosphere. Also recorded were long piano improvs that were then loaded into samplers for playing fragments of the original pieces, creating entirely new songs out of the improvs while keeping the original surrounding noises/nuances.

I began this project at the end of fall 2008 and finished it up right around spring 2009. Many of the sounds were captured from mini-disk recordings from those times such as a cold Halloween night, a freezing blizzard that blew cold wind into my house, to the song birds coming back to a sill frozen area in the spring.

"Lost to seasonal change" is available now on Distance Recordings as a free mp3/flac download:

My other release over at Distance Recordings, "Mystic Valley Parkway" is also available as a free mp3/flac download:

Hope you all enjoy and have a good summer. ;)