Sunday, May 31, 2009

Electricwest - MOTH3R / R3MIXES [Drexon Field remix]

Hello all. :)

While working on my new Drexon Field album, I have also been hard at work on many remix projects as well. One of them is for the very talented Electricwest for his release "MOTH3R". The album, as well as remixes by Drexon Field and many others, is now available as a free mp3/flac download over at Archaic Horizon Records:

Here is the info from the Archaic Horizon Records website:

After a three track sampler and a pay per download release on Rope Swing Cities, AH is re-releasing Electricwest's 'MOTH3R' along with a bonus album. 'R3MIXES' reinterprets the album's 11 songs through 11 different artists, including Electricwest himself. It features a mix of ambient drones to start the album off, flowing gradually into more beat-oriented, dub and idm.

'MOTH3R' stands strong on its own, with Electricwest's familiar rumbling bass and haunting tones invigorated from their own distortions. Disembodied voices become embedded within the dissonance and unearthed in the melodies. The album confronts listeners with a polarity between dark, anxious and crawling sonics against more calm and optimistic moments.

Extended thanks to all artist involved in 'R3MIXES' and to those who purchased 'MOTH3R' upon its original release.

Hope you all enjoy! :)